Sunday, April 16, 2017

3 F’s

For more friends, food and fun (see Miles of Smiles blog) we hopped the bike for a short ride to a local typical Texas bbq joint to enjoy some good brisket and ribs with traveling friends.


Left and right are Wanda and Wallace who used to boss us around when we work camped for Escapees RV Club.  Fran and his wife Sharon (now deceased) were also work campers.  Eloise and her husband (also deceased) owned land around the FL Escapees park where we all worked.  These four miscreants are on their way to Alaska for the summer.  As with all of our traveling friends, we keep in touch so that we can meet up when we are within 100 miles of each other.


As it turned out this group found an rv park nearby so we were able to visit last night and this evening also.  Two hours of good food and funny stories later, we still weren’t ready to say goodbye again.  O well.  We’re sure to meet up again somewhere, sometime.

Wallace, Wanda, Fran, Eloise, that creepy guy we can’t get rid of.


Next time, Easter fun with the family.

Louise and Duane

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