Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Off Again

After 6 weeks in Tyler (TX), we went back to Kilgore to Shallow Creek RV.  In spite of Duane’s bilateral (double) knee replacement scheduled for next Tuesday (April 25) in Tyler, we had several reasons for relocating 30 miles away.  Shallow Creek is just around the corner from our son and his family, who are my backup support. Shallow Creek has smooth pavement throughout the park which will make it easier for Duane to navigate when he returns home.  If necessary, we can open the back ramp for him to walk up because the sites here are spacious.


This park has a work out room at the end of this building, (which also houses a large activity room, laundry, restrooms/showers, office and camp supply store)


and a hot tub.  Both the hot tub and the workout room will help Duane with his recovery and both are open 24/7.


He could also use the pool when it opens.  Rest assured I will.


There is also a little fishing pond in case he gets bored.


Of course all of these things make Shallow Creek attractive to other rvers as well, as will as these two new additions for kids—a splash fountain (like the pool, not open yet) and playground equipment in the rear. 


Not only is there a nice dog walk, but also pick-up bags and disposal.


View from the top of the hill.


The park is bordered on two sides by a golf course, which is now under complete reconstruction.


View from our living room showing the only part of the golf course that hasn’t been completely dug up.


We still have several trips to make to Tyler, but we thought that, all in all, we would be better off in Shallow Creek to make Duane’s recovery easier, and close to Kilgore because I will be more comfortable driving where everything is easier for me to find and there is a lot less traffic.

Tomorrow’s another day.

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I can't believe you have been in Tyler for six weeks. That just flew by.
I think you made a great choice for Duane's rehab.