Saturday, April 22, 2017

Destination This Time

Beautiful riding weather made it necessary to head out on an all-day ride.  Today we had a definite destination in mind.  Once again we traveled north west toward Greenville, then kept on going to the tiny burg of Celeste.



In Celeste US69 goes through between two short rows of buildings.  The ones on the north are empty and boarded up.  The ones on the south are used for a Masonic Lodge, a saddlery/leather store, and this wonderful quilt shop.


Inside Vickey and her staff made my visit productive and satisfactory.  I found a large display of cowboy fabrics, the latest projects, new and retro fabric patterns,  and of course Christmas fabric.  All of the fabric I looked at was priced at $11-$12 per yard.  The shop also has a long quilter and offers classes and a three day seminar.  If you are traveling in your rv, there is plenty of room to park in front of the defunct shops across the street.  It is worth a visit.


When I emerged from Quilt Mercantile we rode another 15 miles to our son Duane Jr.’s business and gym in Trenton.  We goofed off with grandkids Coy, Alyssa, Ava and Emma for a couple of hours while Jr. worked and Brandey conducted a class in the gym. 


Outside we discovered that they had added a trampoline to the two playsets (see Cooperation blog).


When Jr. was done for the day Brandey was still occupied, so Jr was in charge of feeding children.  We followed him to this place in Leonard.


I got a chuckle out of some of the menu items, especially the Oklahoma Prime Rib and


the piggy themed appetizers.


Everyone say ‘cheese’, except for Ava, who is sucking a lemon.


After a thoroughly satisfying day we completed it with a pleasurable ride home in the beautiful evening light.


As dusk descended and the temperature started dropping, we stopped in this picnic pull-off to add a layer, then continued our ride.


Our ride today was a round trip of about 230 miles and 5 hours.  Nice.

Only a couple more days of freedom.

Louise and Duane


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Even though I don't carry a sewing machine with us...wonder what Paul would think of that?...I would love to take a seminar on quilt making.
One order of pig snouts please....only kidding. Yuck!

Paul Weaver said...

Won't it be nice when the day eventually arrives and one way or another you get surgery out of the way and you are on the road to recovery! You'll be surprised how rapidly you are up and able to move around. Within a day or two you'll be walking around the campground (maybe with a walker for security comfort).

Good luck and keep us posted.