Thursday, April 27, 2017

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When I returned home last night (Wednesday), I discovered that our refrigerator was warm and our freezers were merely cold.  I turned the power to propane and the temperature to the coldest.  This morning the fridge was warmer and the frozen stuff was thawed.  At the rv park office the manager called Lyle’s RV Service,the mobile rv tech who happened to have a cancellation and was able to see me about 10 am.  Meanwhile, the manager offered me fridge space in his little travel trailer which is stored on a spot three sites from us.  This saved me the trouble of hauling my perishables three miles to our son’s house and kept them easily accessible.   Lyle checked everything over and was unable to find the cause of the failure.  (Once before, while we were in Arizona, the fridge lost coldness.  We used the propane/ high temp trick which kept it cold and the freezer from totally thawing, but the fridge started working again on its own.  We switched it back to normal settings and hadn’t had any problem until now.)  Lyle unfastened the temperature control thingy (note the technical term) on the top of the fridge box where the light is located, and turned the temperature past our highest setting.  He said to put a plastic cup of water on the top shelf and to take out everything that could freeze, then close the doors and leave them shut for at least 24 hours.  If the water froze then the temp control thingy would be the culprit.  Otherwise, the cooling unit was shot.  I’m crossing my fingers when I open the door.  Since he knew we would nee further work and couldn’t find the extended warranty, he charged me $75 for the initial service call but will reduce any further charges by that amount if it is covered.

We do have an extended warranty, but I was unable to find it.  Since Duane has taken over all of the office duties, his filing system makes me weep.  I try to stay out of the file drawers, but was forced to root through them to find this warranty.  He said it was either in the warranty file, or in the plastic bag of stuff that came with the rig when it was new, or in the “house” file.  I ask you!!!  I looked through them all.  Nada.  I took them to the hospital with me.  He searched and found the receipt that showed the date and contract number of the warranty,  but not what it covers.  Then he said that we last used it when we had the slide fixed in California.  Heaven knows where he put it after that.  I’m hoping the contract number will suffice.

More about my Thursday next time.

Louise and Duane


P.S.  Lyle said that every time you open your fridge door (not sure whether he meant only rv fridges or all fridges) that it takes three hours to regain the temperature lost while the door was open.  I told my son that.  He said that he was constantly telling his kids that.  He said Luke, the 8 year old, opens both the freezer and fridge door even when he knows what he wants—which is about 1/2 the time. 

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Paul does our filing and does an amazing job. He has everything labeled in folders. Since Duane won't be walking the Boston Marathon, maybe he can get the filing system in