Monday, April 24, 2017

“Lasts” Day

Today was such a beautiful day that we sat inside all morning.  I had the windows and doors open enjoying the breeze while I talked on the phone.  After lunch Duane took a last bike ride for a while.  I sewed a Christmas present.  We did take our daily walk, the last one together for a while.  Duane ate his last meal—fasting required after midnight.  He had to shower this evening in special antibacterial soap, then wash each knee with special antibacterial wipes for three minutes—twice.  We were informed that his surgery will be at 7:15 Tuesday.  This means that we have to be there at 5:15, and that means that Duane has to get up at 4 to shower in his special disinfectant soap again and be ready to leave at 4:30.  YUCK!!!

I’m posting this tonight since we won’t have time in the morning.  We expect all to go well and to have a good report for you tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

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