Saturday, April 08, 2017


More of the same “nothing much” that’s been going on for the past week and a half.   Wait—only 1 1/2 weeks?  Seems like a month!  We’re glad that the weather is good so that we can get out and walk, fish, and take bike rides.  After the flurry of activities since we came back to the Kilgore/Tyler area—the wedding, visiting kids and grandkids, all the doctors’ visits and tests—sitting around most of the time gets kind of tedious, even though we are doing stuff that we like to do.  The problem is that all of our time-consuming activities like carving and sewing projects,  are being curtailed by our short stay here.  Still, we are enjoying our pre-surgery time as much as possible.  Neither of us is looking forward to the surgery, or the recovery, but we are both looking forward to getting back to traveling and hiking again.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll do something more fun.

Louise and Duane

P.S. Even tucked away at Hidden Lake, we can’t get away from that creepy stalker!



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