Sunday, April 24, 2016

Zoo (ish)

This morning we slept in (8:00) after our night's labors.  The girls brought me these flowers from the wedding.  They look very nice in my (Weekie Wachi Springs ((FL)) mermaid glass. They were a nice quiet start to the day.

We met the family for bbq for lunch.  Duane and I have sampled bbq all over the country and decided that only north Texans can make really good brisket.  When we pulled up outside this little hole-in-the-wall we got really hopeful that our long wait was over.

Inside we knew this was the place for brisket.  We were not disappointed.

Dinner for three  (Maylee gave me the correct spelling of her name.)

The serious eaters

After dinner we went to their church--King's Trail Cowboy Church.  The main church building is center. The small building on the right I think is the kid's building.

I think this building (to the right of the kids' building) is for all other activities.

The chapel for weddings, special services, quiet prayer time.

The church runs an outreach program through rodeos and other equestrian events.  Today they were having an obstacle course for inexperienced horses.  Other obstacles included water, wooden pallets, fluttering balloons and streamers, and fake wild animals.  

The girls pose in their dresses that Jr brought back from his missionary trip to Uganda.  His sermon today was about his trip and the girls (and Coy with his shirt) dressed for the occasion.

The children do what children do--climb!

After the event we left and reassembled at the house for an afternoon of riding.  Here I caught Emma in a rare lope.  She has been really hesitant about going faster than a slow trot.  That's Maylee on the other horse, enjoying a rare ride.  Yay girls!!

Here's what you while you wait for your turn.

As Coy and Alyssa napped we visited and watched the girls practice riding.  Maylee's mom came by to get her.  Maylee's three sibs played in the sandbox with whichever girls weren't riding.  Some friends dropped by with their three children. Their farrier arrived to tend horse's hooves and added her two children and a niece to the mix.  Molly left with Maylee and the other three and Coy and Alyssa rejoined us.  The kids all alternately played together and rode horses. 

The cool guys 

At one time I counted twelve children--I think.

It's surprising that with all of the children running around and 9 adults sitting a few feet away chatting that this rabbit put in an appearance.  (The dogs were confined to the horse trailer.)

Gradually everyone left and the family went inside to enjoy a (quieter) supper.  After we ate Jr bathed the babies while Brandey and Sr chatted and I played a board game with the girls.  We ended up on their bed playing telephone which had us shrieking with laughter until bedtime.  When all of the children were quietly in bed, we adults visited for a short while before we left for home.

I started the blog with peaceful flowers and I will leave you with a whole field of beautiful flowers. 

I know, I know.  I promised you pix of the horse wedding, but I think that with all of the inpromptu company we had that Brandey and I can be excused.

Maybe tomorrow........

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

The chapel is beautiful!
When I read the title, I was already for some elephants and lions...jokes on me. Those kids really are living a great life with all the outdoor activities and exposure to such wonderful adventures.