Sunday, April 03, 2016

Nice Day For A Ride

Actually it was a spectacular day for a ride.  Another blue sky, warm sun, cool breeze day.  Between the two of them Eddie and Duane determined that, as of now, our oil leak was of minor concern.  Gloria, all blinged out and Eddie with his constant riding companion led the way.

We followed the shore of Lake Conroe for a while.  This is a nice rv park right on the water.

All kinds of activity on the lake.  Later on in the afternoon there was some chop, but this am the water was fine. 

Where the "haves" spend the summer.  

I liked this old building, but it turned into a contrast of old and new.  Then I noticed our images in the glass.

Most of these trees butchered to accommodate electric lines look dangerously off balance.  This one looks as if a strong gale is blowing all of the branches one way.

Old hotel in Anderson

Anderson courthouse (and most of the town).

Our only stop on this ride

The church is the covered open space on the left.  The bar and grill in on the right.  After Sunday service everyone walks next door for lunch.  We used this popular spot as break time.  We sat out side chatting and enjoying a cold drink for an hour or so.  It was difficult to hear, though.  Bikes were constantly coming and going.  The rumble was almost constant.

These signs were prevalent along the roads surrounding this place.  We blame the crotch rockets.

We shared the road all day with other bikes.  This one is giving us the biker wave.

Quite a few nice small lakes along the way.

Riding through part of the Sam Houston National Forest.  

OK, what does bent water look like?  How does it get bent in the first place?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Ready to recross Lake Conroe

Lighthouse (middle of pic)

For me half of the pleasure of riding on the back of the bike is the panoramic  view.  The other half is the smells.  Along the way today I got whiffs of freshly cut grass, newly mown hay, perfumy flowers, and warm pine.  I have tried to share my experience with you.   I hope you have enjoyed riding along with us today.

To top off the day Tom, Paula, Duane and I played several games of pickleball under the lights.  We usually play several games switching partners and sides of the court because the sun and direction of the breeze make a difference.  Tonight Duane and Paula won two games over Tom and me.  We decided that we had to win at least one game against them.   We finally wore them down and won the fifth game.  We quit while we were ahead!  

The weather people have promised another beautiful day tomorrow.  Stay tuned to see if we get out of the house and enjoy it!

Louise and Duane 

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