Tuesday, April 19, 2016

More Running Around

This morning we began another day of running around with a trip into Tyler to play pickleball, followed by lunch at Arby's.  I tried the new beef gyro.  It wasn't lamb, but it was pretty good.  Fortified with lots of calories we went shopping at Northern Tool and found a six-drawer tool chest that Duane thinks will do the trick.  Next stop was the driver's license place so that Duane could renew his license.  I was able to renew online, but since Duane has a Class B (he had to have to drive the motor home when we had it), he had to go wait 1 1/2 hours to renew it in person.  After that we went to the Wal-Mart where I had all of my hairs cut.  Very short.  We went home, unloaded the chest, and went to the kids' house.   We found Jennifer teasing snarls and knots from Allie's hair.  Seems Allie was drying her hands in the restroom at school after lunch.  When she turned to leave, her hair got caught in the hand dryer!  Her friend got her teacher, who got the principal, who called Jennifer and got the janitor, who brought the nurse.  The janitor removed the dryer from the wall and the hair from the dryer.  Results below.  Her hair was twisted and tied into tiny knots. Her mother helped her hide the snarl in a twist for the remainder of the school day.  Allie said that she wasn't scared or hurt.

Jeremy took us outside to view his new hydroponic garden.  The black hose along side the white pipe ends in a tub of fertilized water in the basement.  Small gray tubes attach to it and feed into each pot.  The unused water seeps out into the white pipe which returns it to the holding tank.  Very simple.

Inside the planters is a Styrofoam-like absorbent substance covering a mesh pipe (that gray spot) which feeds into the white pipe.

Luke showed me his box of treasures.  Inside were several interesting rocks, a stick from a tree that looked like a pistol, and a piece of plastic that looked like a rock.  I complimented him on his excellent collection.  He gave me three pieces from his "shell" collection. You have to love 7-year-old boys!

We left their house at dusk.  Outside we could see the glow of the moon behind dark clouds, and  hear the frog chorus and the call of a whip-poor-will.  Awesome.

I will leave you with a groaner and a thought for the day.  

A little boy surprised his grandmother one morning by bringing her a cup of coffee that he had made himself.  He anxiously waited to see if she liked the coffee.  His grandma had never had such a bad cup.  As she forced down the last sip, she noticed three little green army men in the bottom of the cup.

"Honey," she said, "why are there little green army guys in the bottom of my cup?  Her grandson replied, "You know, Grandma.  It's like on TV.  The best part of waking up is soldiers in your cup."

Think about this:  everyone wants to live a long time, but no one wants to get old.

Enough for now,

Louise and Duane

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