Thursday, April 14, 2016

Still Celebrating

We started our day with a drive to Tyler for some indoor pickleball.  Playing indoors is a bit different than playing outside.  The people that came today were very friendly and welcoming.  They were very good players but were also able to play at my level so that I was not overwhelmed.  

For my birthday dinner the family took me to Olive Garden.  I experienced my first Italian Margarita.
That mark on my head is not my eyebrow, it's my surgical scar, still healing nicely.

Everybody say yummy bread sticks!

My sisters sent me goodies for my birthday, mainly Girl Scout Cookies.  We love Thin Mints.

After dinner Luke and I went outside while everyone else enjoyed their carb crashes.  Luke rode his bike over a ramp.  I took pix.

Meet my granddogs Josie and Frosty.

The reason Jeremy's sibs make his house their vacation destination.

Jeremy and Jennifer built their house.  This is the back, 

and the front.

Luke cleared the ramp!

When the mosquitoes came out we went in.  As usual on a school night, when the kids went to bed we went home.  

Tune in tomorrow for more family fun.

Louise and Duane  

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Happy birthday, Louise. That Margarita looks yummy!

The photo of y'all eating Thin Mints is so cute. Their house is gorgeous!