Saturday, April 16, 2016

Fun and Games

I have included last night's pix in this post.  Below is the first picture taken with our new camera, a Canon G9X.  It is lightweight, sits in a pocket and, so far, pretty quick to focus and take the picture.

Allie and I are doing pencil puzzles

Luke's game--the step above tee-ball
Left fielder ready

Base hit--the white streak just to the right of the first baseman is the ball.

Today Jeremy and Jennifer took off for Bossier City, LA for their own fun and games.  We all made a trip or two from our rig to our storage trailer (way over to the right) to unload some of the stuff we haven't been using in the last year.  To reward ourselves for a job well done we took a break at the Dairy Queen.  (We were having so much fun I didn't even think of taking pix!)  Back home Duane rested  while Luke played a game on computer and Allie and I sat on the porch swing and visited. Duane took the kids to the park while I was at church, then we stopped for a few groceries.  On the way home we ate at Denneys where we arrived in time for the kids to eat free.  What a deal!!

We worked off our dinner with a walk to the river (1/2 mile away)   

We were walking down the boat ramp to check out the water when Luke stopped us.  This copperhead was lying in full view on the white concrete.  Good thing somebody was paying attention!  It wasn't until we had moved it off to the side with some well-placed dirt clods that I thought to take a picture.  

This one is about 2 1/2-3 feet

To round out our fun day we made brownies,

and learned a new game--Chinese Checkers.  Allie won.

Grandpa enjoyed a well-earned warm, gooey brownie.  Yum!!

Most of these pictures were taken on the automatic setting.  We think it's going to work out well for me to carry while we're on the bike.  That won't be any time soon;  the weather is supposed to turn cool and rainy during the next few days.

We hope you enjoyed visiting with us. 

Louise and Duane 

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where's weaver said...

Great photos. Thanks for letting me know what you bought. I will look at that one.

Oh my goodness. Out kids use to love Chinese checkers. I haven't seen the board in years.