Thursday, April 07, 2016

Lazy Day

I can't believe we lounged the whole day!  We hooked up the computer to the tv and caught up on the evening shows that we've been missing since we play pickleball when they are on.  That took a while since we had four of them.  I didn't even cook.  I heated up leftovers for lunch.  In the afternoon Duane did his computer thing and I read or worked Sudoku during commercials.  We got our lazy selves to the pickleball court for games from 7-9:30.  What a day!

I do have a couple of corrections to make from yesterday.  Our new friend Yvon spells his name with an o, not an a and his wife, Edwina, is from Novia Scotia.  She grew up in Quebec, Yvon's home province, but kept her Maritime accent (sounds like the Wisconsin accent), while Yvon's accent is French.

Since I have nothing else to report, I will leave you with a little puzzle. Yesterday while we were out and about we stopped at the Barnes and Noble Booksellers.  I found a book called Whodunits, by Tim Dedopulos.  Here is a level 1 case called "The Gem Shop."

The peeling sign above the gem shop read BALDWIN & SONS,and if the date were to be believed, it had been in business for more than thirty years.  The window displays were orderly, if empty, but the open door was hanging at an odd angle.  A bored-looking police officer stood in front of it.  As Inspector Parnacki approached, the man pulled himself properly erect and saluted sharply.

"Sir, good morning," he said.

Parnacki nodded politely.  "Has anyone been in or out of the shop?"

"Not since I've been here, sir."

"Good work."

The robbery was much more obvious once Parnacki entered the shop.  Many of the cupboards showed signs of having been forced open and empty trays were strewn all over the floors and glass counters.  If there was a single valuable jewel left in the place, it was well out of sight.

A tall, unhappy man stood in the middle of the chaos.  He was well-dressed, but in some considerable disarray, and there was a nasty-looking bruise at the side of his forehead.  Parnacki went straight to him.

"Mr. Henry Baldwin?: the inspector asked.

The man nodded.

"I am Inspector Parnacki."

Baldwin looked surprised.  Paddington Parnacki?"

"So the newpapers dub me," the inspector sighed.

"Sorry, Inspector,  Your fame precedes you."

"No matter.  Would you please tell me what happened, in your own words?"

Baldwin nodded.  "I was closing up last night.  Sometimes one of my assistants stays behind to help, but they were both keen to get off swiftly.  Their names are Alex Cardue and Scott Benedict.  I have their addresses."

"The events of last night first, please," said Parnacki.

"Sorry.  I'm still a little rattled.  I'd finished locking all the precious pieces away--" he gestured at the broken cupboards, "and turning the lights off, and I was just opening the door to start barring the windows.  As I did so, a dark figure in a tall hat crashed through the door, throwing me back.  I staggered, and then he hit me hard on the head with a cosh of some sort.  I didn't get a good look at him.  It was night already, you see.  Anyhow, I fell over, and cracked the back of my head on the floor.  Drove the wits from me.  I was dimly aware of the noise of the cupboards being broken into.  I didn't realize until later that he was also grabbing the trays and tipping the contents into his silk sack.  It all seemed disconnected. somehow.I must have passed out at some point.  When I came round, it was already light.  I remembered the assault, discovered that I'd been totally cleaned out, and called the police.  That was about an hour and a half ago."

Parnacki nodded.  "you mentioned your assistants?'

"It feels like an inside job, you know?  I had bought a new batch of stock three days ago, and anyway, you'd need to know my routine to judge exactly when to break in like that.  It seems impossible to imagine either of them doing this, but they're both around the right build.  Alec has a new girlfriend, too, and Scott likes his cards."

Don't concern yourself, Mr. Baldwin.  I already know the culprit."

"You do?"

Parnacki nodded gravely.

Who is the thief?  How does Parnacki know?  Hint:  Testimony

You know I can't reveal the answer until tomorrow!  Meantime, happy sleuthing!

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I am not a that a word? at all! I have no idea who, what or where about this crime. I was terrible playing Clue with the kids.