Sunday, April 03, 2016


Today was an absolutely beautiful day!  Blue sky, no clouds, brisk breeze--chilly in the am, cool in the pm.  Everyone was out and about the park today.  People playing mini golf, basketball, pickleball, tennis, using the playground equipment, walking dogs and themselves.  We even saw a kid on a hover board.  I couldn't see if anyone was in the pool, but people were soaking up the sun everywhere.  Duane managed to get ourselves outside about ten when we saw Tom and Paula at the pickleball court.  We played several games before we all pooped out about 12:30.  After lunch Duane and I played a couple of rounds of mini golf.  (I am really bad at this game.)  Duane won of course.  We didn't really keep score (too depressing for me!) but did keep track of who had least strokes at each hole.  We ducked inside the Family building to see what was what.  Duane decided to shoot some pool for an hour and I worked on the jigsaw puzzle.  For supper we decided to cash in our McDonalds discounts.  In FL we took a survey and got a discount--buy one get one 1/4 pounder or egg mcmuffin.  Yesterday our Monopoly sticker won us free medium fries.  I don't like to eat the same thing two days running, but our bogo was about to run out.  Our supper cost $6 so I couldn't really complain!  Back home we practiced pb for a half hour or so before we said goodby to our beautiful day.

Duane wore out  and went to bed about 10.  I was making the really good oatmeal cookies and didn't make it until midnight.  I was stretched out in bed just beginning to relax when---and here's the oops--I remembered that I hadn't written the blog!!!  Well, I'm counting this as Sunday's blog even though it is 10 minutes into Monday.

The weather is supposed to hold for the next few days.  Our biker friends, Eddie and Gloria asked if we wanted to ride tomorrow.  Duane told Eddie that the bike has an oil leak somewhere.  Eddie offered to take a look.  If it is nothing serious, then we will ride during the day and play pickleball in the evening.  I'm telling you, the days are just packed!!

Here is how to make the really good oatmeal cookies.  Use the regular oatmeal cookie recipe but don't put in any spice.  Add dried fruit (cranberries or cherries are really good and I like to plump them up a bit by soaking them in water), white chocolate chips, and raw white nuts like macadamia or almonds.  To make them chewy, add 1/4 cup molasses in place of the water.  Bake like regular oatmeal cookies.  Yum!

I'll bet you didn't know that yesterday was International Children's Book Day because it was Hans Christian Andersen's birthday.  Put that on your calendar for next year so that you can read a fairy tale to a young child or/and donate a children's book to your local library to celebrate the day.  Do it right now so that you don't forget.  Or not.

More fun and frolics tomorrow (today) and maybe even some pictures,

Louise and Duane

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