Sunday, April 10, 2016

Washington-On-The-Brazos State Historical Park Part 1

The WOTB State Historic Site is a complex consisting of five areas.  We visited the the Visitor Services Complex while on a bike ride from the Colorado River Thousand Trails RV Park.  In another area were a large meeting room, a conference center, an education center and several picnic areas.  Today we visited the Old Washington Town Site, the Star of the Republic Museum, and the Barrington Living History Farm.  This blog will showcase the Old Town Site.

We took pictures of most of the info boards so that you can learn as much as you wish.  

This building, Independence Hall is reproduced as closely in its original condition as possible.  56 men met here to ratify the constitution that would declare Texas as a country separate from Mexico.

Texas blue bonnets and some other beauties

 a couple of lizards posed for us

Map of the town  showing some of the homes and businesses.  The Brazos is on the right.  From Independence Hall we walked down a the original wilderness trail which became Ferry Street in the town.  It led, of course, to the ferry. 

Brazos at the site off the ferry.  The Navrasota River joins the Brazos just upriver, making this a good spot to cross both rivers.

Historic old tree started growing with the town.  The town, depending on the river for commerce, rejected the railroad and slowly died when the river flooded and became choked with deadfall.  The tree survived.

No, I'm not a tree hugger.  I'm there to show how big the tree is.

Join us tomorrow for a tour of the Barrington Farm.

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