Tuesday, April 26, 2016

More messin' around

We opened the day with a few pickleball games at a different gym.  We encountered another array of lines, but not as many colors.  This time the blue lines designated the courts.  So far everyone we have joined were welcoming and made sure we were given chances to play.

I encountered a familiar face.

Loved the back too

Same as yesterday we went to visit in the afternoon.  The severe thunderstorms forecast for this afternoon didn't arrive until after dark.  

The girls enjoying the beautiful weather

Coy loves pushing this around.  When the rocks stopped his progress he

solved his own problem!

We enjoyed another relaxing evening with the family.  After the babies go to bed the girls and I  play games in their room before their bedtime while the adults chat in the living room.  We managed to make it home before the storm hit.  

One more error to correct--the other day I game Jr credit for bathing the babies.  He did not, Brandey did.  Credit where credit is due!

Tomorrow something different is on the agenda.  Stay tuned!

Louise and Duane

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