Friday, April 15, 2016


Today was laundry day for me. I also made to valences for Jennifer.  She had recovered some chairs for the dining room.  They use slat blinds on the windows, but she wanted valances to match the chairs.   Duane had a lot of phone calls to make.  First he called the local Ford dealership to see if they had time to find out why our truck quit working.  They did.  Then he called Good Sam's roadside service and had the truck towed to the Ford place.  It needed a new starter but they could get one and fix it.  Duane had them put in a new fuel filter also.  They brought him home for 4 hours and picked him up when it was done.  Nice customer service.  While he was waiting he tried to find out where our package was.  Three days ago it was "left at the door", but the kids have a gate so that wasn't happening.  Apparently they allow themselves up to 36 hours to make the actual delivery after they say they delivered it.  It showed up today at the neighbor who lives closest to the gate.  The rest of the day we rested from our labors.   At 6 we went around the corner to the baseball fields for Luke's game.  Wrong time.  We went to the house to goof off for a while then back to the game.  Sorry, no pix.  Our package contained a new point-and-shoot camera and Duane used it at the game, but he is downloading new maps for the gps and it's taking hours, so we can't get the pix off the camera yet.  Since you can't enjoy any wonderful pictures, I will cheer up with some trivia.

Yesterday, April 14th was International Moment of Laughter Day.  I home you laughed sometime during the day.

March 1, 1913, was the first U.S. tax day.  a little over a year after the 16th Amendment was ratified.  Tax day was moved to the Ides of March (March 15th) just before the start of Prohibition.  In 1955 the deadline was moved to April 15, where it stays to this day, unless the 15th is on a weekend or a holiday.  Since today is considered the weekend, you have the whole weekend to file your return.

Tomorrow J&J are going to Bossier City, LA (just over the border) for an overnight trip.  We will be having quality time with Allie and Luke.  Let the good times roll!!!

Louise and Duane 

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where's weaver said...

Wow...we are so sorry to read about the truck. You two sure have had your share of bad luck.

I have to buy a new camera this summer. What did you buy?