Thursday, September 15, 2016

Two Good Reasons


In the two weeks we’ve been living with our CA kids, we’ve gotten used to the morning sounds of loud children getting ready for school.  I’ve even managed to fall back to sleep until the silence told me that it’s save to come out of our room.  Today, our last day as it turns out, I had two good reasons to get out of bed early.

It is worth my time to get a good view of wildlife, especially elusive wildlife.  This large flock of wild turkeys was just three doors down the street


These birds are at home in this neighborhood.  Cars were going by regularly on the street at the right beyond the trees.  They disappeared when a walker went by.


Taking off after turkeys got me out of bed in time for breakfast at the Big Bear restaurant.  Big Bear is a west coast chain of restaurants serving  reasonably priced large portion meals all day long.


Beth, Mel and Matt waiting for their bacon, sausages, eggs and toast.


Two good reasons that this was a wonderful day presented themselves later in the day.  When the grandkids arrived home from school, Katie and I finished the ‘stuffies’ project we all started yesterday.  Each child designed and stuffed their own toy.  Katie cut out and hand sewed on her toy’s features.


Everyone was very pleased with their designs:  Katie made a ghostie, Mel designed a happy face/angry face (she placed the eyes beside the nose and put a crown on top), and Jack declared his Yo Kai “Whisper” to be perfect.


Our last day gave us the impetus to all stand still for a family photo.


We had planned on staying another day after our rig was fixed, but couldn’t find a place to store it.  Tomorrow we will pick up the rig, transfer stuff from the truck to the house and kick it down the road. 

We had a great time, but it’s time to go.

Louise and Duane

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