Friday, September 09, 2016

Two Games In One


Another flawlessly blue sky ruled the day but the air was, thankfully, considerably cooler here in Clayton, California (Bay Area) where we are completing a full week of visiting our kids and grandkids.   All of the children went to school this morning, Beth went to work, and Duane took the rig out of storage and into the rv repair.  That left mother and son to bond over chores and errands.  We always enjoy these times together and manage to accomplish a lot.  We crossed more home improvements off the list for the new house.  We bought a new mini fridge for the bar area and found a guy who made a new screen door for the odd-sized patio doors and did it in one day for a reasonable price!  Matt and Duane had both new items installed in a jiff.  The rest of the day was the usual:  messing with the grandkids, dinner, (Duane played pickleball during these last two activities) and a hot game of Wizard, this time while watching the Denver-Carolina football game.

The weekly Clayton newspaper arrived today.  There was a picture of two contestants on the starting ramp of last Saturday’s soap box derby plus a little information about the race.  It happened to be the picture of Katie’s race.  The whole family was delighted!

Sorry for the second time of no pix.  The only new ones I have are of 3-year-old Mel(anie) being a fish in the swimming pool.  I can’t show you those because she has a habit of wearing her floaties over her birthday suit! 

Tomorrow both parents work and the babysitter is in charge of kids.  This leaves Duane and me on our own.  We just might find something new to photograph.

Tune in and see.

Louise and Duane

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