Thursday, September 15, 2016



After two weeks of fun and games with the California kids and grandkids, we finally picked up our house (slide motor working again—yay!).  The repair center is located in Tracy, 35 miles from the kids, but it took an hour to drive along the beautiful, narrow, snaky route through the hills that originally took us to the kids’ house.  Again, I had to drive the truck following Duane on the bike.  Again, I couldn’t take any pix of the wonderful scenery.  We arrived in Tracy, picked up the rig, loaded the bike and drove five miles to a little nondescript rv park on the  older (run down) east end of town.  Most of the people are semi-permanent.  But none of that matters, we are only here for one night.  Since we cleaned out the house to put it in storage for a week, then in the repair shop for another week, we pretty much emptied it out.  We needed someplace  to sit while we emptied the truck back into the house and restocked the fridge.  That’s pretty much it for the day.  We spent a quiet evening getting used to the quiet again.

There is nothing that we saw to recommend Tracy for any kind of visit.  I did spend a lot of time saying’ “Uncle Credit Union?  What kind of name is that for a credit union?  Who names a credit union Uncle?”  I think I’m brain dead.


Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I am with you, Louise. Uncle is a word for people.