Saturday, September 17, 2016



After my negativity of yesterday, I will positively say that the city of Visalia (that’s Vi with a long i) CA, at least the parts that we’ve seen just driving around, is very pretty and well maintained.  The Elk’s club here is nice with wide, level, paved sites with 50 amp and water for $20 per night.  The sites easily accommodate long rigs and are wide enough for slides on both sides and awnings.  There are 18 sites available (for Elks members, of course).


This was interesting.  We were sitting on Main St. in a residential section in Visalia.   If we turned right we would be on Mooney, left and we would be on West Main.  Things that make you go hmmm.


We were on our way to play pickleball.  The sport is taking hold here in central CA.  The city has double painted 2 of its 8 tennis courts to make 8 pickleball courts.  The lines are a bit confusing, but in the near future, the courts will be resurfaced and made into permanent pickleball courts.  Meantime, they put up their own nets.


The folks here are very friendly.  There are several different skill levels represented so that Duane and I had no trouble finding our levels.  A lot of people have left at this point.  Earlier all of the courts were in use and there were people waiting.

The lady in blue is one of the people responsible for getting pickleball established here.  There is a seniors’ tournament planned on these courts for March of 2017.


Duane in action.  As usual he is in one of the last games.  The weather was hot (92 by 10:30 am) but a little cool breeze kept anyone from overheating.  Another plus for these courts—they are only a 15 minute drive from the Elks’


Tomorrow promises to be another hot one.  At 9 pm it is still warm—high 70’s.  We plan to play pball in the morning again, then hole up.  Monday is supposed to be better for touring Kings Canyon.

Meanwhile, we’re hangin’ in.  Hope you are too.

Louise and Duane

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