Friday, September 23, 2016

Resting Up

Since we travel full-time we have become members of several rving clubs for social activities and for discounted places to stay.  Our favorite club is the Escapees.  They have two kinds of parks.  Rainbow parks are open to anyone whether or not they are members.  Members just pay a lower  camp fee.  Co-op parks are open only to members. Pair a Dice is a co-op.  Members long-term lease their sites.  If a member is traveling, they can sub-lease their site to visitors like us.


When we arrived here on Thurs., we had no particular plans.  Escapees usually have lots of activities on their social calendars;  we knew that we could keep ourselves busy in the park or find out what what’s happening in town.

There are two common buildings on the grounds.  This is the office.  I swear, that guy must be following us around.  He manages to be in a lot of my pictures!


This park is pretty nice.  Each site has a nice tool shed.


The activities building is large and functional.  It houses the laundry, this activity room with kitchen,


smaller game room with an extensive dvd collection for borrowing,


a combination room with tv, jigsaw puzzles on the tables (between the recliners and the tv), lending library and magazine rack,


and a craft/sewing room.


View of the mountains with Pahrump on the valley floor.


It’s a good thing that we had no plans.  This morning Duane woke up with a bad case of vertigo.  (Are there any good cases?)  He was much better after spending the day in bed, so we may be able to go to the arts festival in town tomorrow.  We also plan to meet up again with a couple that we met on our east coast tour.  They are fellow Elks members.

Cross your fingers that Duane will be back on his feet.

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We, also, liked that park.

Wishing Duane the best of health! Vertigo has to be awful!