Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mixed Bag

It occurred to me this morning that I haven’t introduced the latest member of the California family, Dandelion or Dandy for short, but most commonly known as Kitty Get Off The Table.  Dandy has her own bowl of food and her own bed, but never  uses them.  Instead Tugg and Dandy share everything, including playtime. 

photo 1

Our activities for the day included picking up Mel from (pre)school and another trip to the grocery.

Mel with her ”owanges” (oranges) and Kix.


When the older kids got home, Katie came in sporting a lizard bracelet.   Our budding naturalist took it outside to release it, but came running back in screaming about a giant lizard about this (a foot) big!  Another look revealed that it was a squirrel!  Good one, Katie.

photo 3

Weeks ago when the kids were informed that we were coming to visit, they decided that we were going to make “stuffies” (stuffed toys).  Today was the day. Matt found two pieces of scrap fleece and a bag of stuffing.  After a bit of discussion,  each child and I crafted a unique item.  Mel designed an oval pillow with a smiley face on one side and an angry face on the other. 

photo 4

Jack’s latest focus is Yo Kai (Japanese characters). One of his favorites resembles a ghost with arms.

photo 1

Katie will make her ghostie tomorrow, then we will take a pic of all three.

Good thing these kids are easy to please!

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Love seeing the photo of Tugg and Dandy. How dang cute is that.

Does Katie want to be a comedian when she grows up? haha