Monday, September 05, 2016

Ho Hum


Sunday, day 4 with our California family we celebrated Duane’s birthday (again) by staying home.  We did two very exciting things:  watched the kids jump into the freezing water while we soaked up the warm sunshine,




and got smoothies at Jamba Juice, Grampas favorite.


While we waited, Katie had a stare down with Teddy,


and I played with my camera.  Mel is cute no matter what!


Katie and Teddy, Jack-folded up as usual, and the sociable people.


After Matt got home from work, the kids had “media night” where they could use the electronic device of their choice-ipad, phone, tv-whatever,but they had to be in bed.  The big kids played a couple of rousing games of Wizard. 

Matt doesn’t work until next weekend.  Now the activity level gets ramped up!

Louise and Duane

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