Sunday, September 04, 2016

Ok, Ok


So I was tired when I composed yesterday’s blog.  Duane laughed at me this morning, and said “Two things—number one, today is my birthday, and number two, I’m only 69, not 79.”  I shall try again.

Today Duane celebrated his 69th birthday by spending the day with the kids.  Son Matt had to work, but rest of us walked or scootered down the hill and around the corner to the Clayton town center for the Labor Day Soap Box Derby.


We strolled by the derby cars sponsored by local businesses.  Two favorites were the police car with flashing red and blue lights and a police helmet, and the fire dept. car with a brass bell, Dalmatian puppy (stuffy) and a fire helmet.  Everyone else had to wear regular helmets.


While Beth got Jack and Katie signed up to race, Duane and I perused the classic cars. 

This caddy oozed class.


This is called “leg room”.


Duane’s dream car.


Every summer for three years Duane and his Grandma traveled from Ohio to Arizona and back (to visit his uncle) in a car exactly like this one.  


Back at the derby, there was a long wait because of the number of kids signed up.  Jack’s standing just to the left of Green Shirt. While they waited, they were taken two at a time to sit in the cars and receive driving instructions.


When everything was ready, the board at the front of each car slid down and the cars rolled down the ramp and down the street.  Jack and Katie both crashed into hay bales.  Not bad for their first time.


After the derby, we scootered and walked  back up the hill for some snacks and some play time, which included aggravating Grandpa.


Later in the afternoon we went to Mount Diablo State Park for their tarantula program.

First there was a talk about the spiders, then


a ranger led a walk up the mountain looking for male tarantulas which were out looking for females which stay in their  web-lined holes.


We were lucky to find 3 or 4 males (who are smaller than females), including this guy who was trying to get a female to come out and play.  He had no luck but was fun to watch.


End of the hike.  Time to head back down the mountain for home. 


Grandpa was tired after his day of hiking and had to console himself with a piece of pie a la mode. 

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  Probably another day of celebrating his birthday!

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I thought it was the wrong day because I saw when his bday was on FB, but then I thought maybe FB was wrong. And we certainly both knew he wasn't 79! hehehe

Paul and Duane have another thing in common...Paul would love that car too.

Did the kids supply their own cars?

The last photo with the kids with their arms around each other is so precious!