Saturday, July 01, 2017


That’s the only way to describe this day.  Between the storms early this morning and in the early afternoon, the air was positively steamy.  Intermittent showers after dark kept things dripping.  At least the air cooled about 20 degrees to the low 70’s.  This afternoon we went took our old office chair to the kids’ house.  Jeremy’s friend from high school (my “other son”) was visiting with his family.  We hung out for a couple of hours then came home.  I ran out of cupcakes so I made cookies. The base was the usual chocolate chip cookie batter.  For variations I added almond and rum extracts to the usual vanilla, and added butterscotch and white chocolate chips with the dark chocolate chips because I didn’t have very much of any of them.  I substituted 1/2 tsp. sea salt for the regular salt. (I have become very partial to sea salt in my cookies lately.) To half that batter I added cocoa.  The cocoa cookies had to be baked about 3 minutes longer.  They are very good.

Keeping busy,

Louise and Duane

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