Sunday, July 09, 2017

Hangin’ Out 2

Saturday we spent the day with the family making venison/hog sausage.  In Hangin’ Out 1 I described making regular sausage.  After we made that, we went to the basement again to make small sausages.  The little grinder, oddly enough doesn’t have a small enough tube for these little casings. 

For this type sausage we used ground meat. 


These smaller casings take an extra steady hand.  The sausage must be firm but not too stuffed.  If not, you don’t get a blowout, you get a big split!


Success!  These long ropes will be cut into shorter pieces also, but not frozen they will be smoke cured into snacks similar to Slim Jims.


After all of our hard work, we rewarded ourselves with a couple of hours in the pool before a late afternoon thunder storm chased us inside.


Yes , the water was as perfect as it looks.


A true Texas frog strangler couldn’t stop our fun.


Time for a game of Phase 10.


Tomorrow (Monday) is travel day at last.

Louise and Duane

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