Friday, July 07, 2017

Road Trip


When we moved from our house to our rv, we stored Duane’s big tool box in Jr’s storage unit.  Now Jr has decided to clean out his unit, and Jeremy has a place for the tool box.  I call it a box, but it is in reality a custom made sheet metal storage compartment on wheels with several drawers.  Fully loaded with tools, it weighs about half a ton. It is so heavy that all of the drawers have to be taken out before the box can be moved.  Duane used it when he worked as a pipefitter/plumber at GM.  When we moved it from Ohio, Duane loaded it into the trailer with our front loader.  Jr. loaded it into his trailer the same way, and brought it to his shop.  This afternoon Jeremy, Duane, Allie, Luke and I jumped into Jeremy’s truck for the 2 1/2 hour trip to Trenton to pick it up.  Duane and Jeremy had a nice long chat in the front;  I sat in the back visiting with Allie and Luke.  We chatted, worked puzzles together, shared snacks, and made jokes.  When we arrived in Trenton, we had only a few minutes to visit before Jr. had to get ready for an appointment.  We stood in the hot sun sweating in the 100 degree air while the guys pushed the box across a ramp from trailer to trailer.  Allie and Luke helped carry some of the drawers.Jr. claimed a few tools he needed and Jeremy ended up with the rest. 

After a half hour or so we were glad to get back into the truck and blast the air.  We made one multi-purpose stop, then drove back to Kilgore.  When we arrived, Duane went through the drawers and took two or three tools he needed, then we went inside to cool off and eat leftovers for supper before Duane and I headed home.  .

In spite of our long afternoon, Duane managed to get in his full pt session, and this evening we walked a mile.

Did I remember to take a photo of the tool box?  Of course not!  I will take one tomorrow, though.

Louise and Duane

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where's weaver said...

Paul loves his tools too. Men and their toys.