Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Patience Needed

Last night I found the Mississippi River to be enchanting.  I managed to catch of couple of boats chugging downstream


before the mosquitos found me.


After that I tried to get the moon over the water, but my camera refused to bring both the moon and the reflection  into focus at the same time.  Meanwhile, I found it difficult to hold the camera still enough for it  focus while I did the mosquito dance.


This morning we had smooth sailing from AR  to MO.   After lunch we merely inched our way through IL.  We had just connected to I57 when we came to a dead stop. We sat, inched forward, sat, inched forward.


After three hours and 30 miles, we were funneled off  the interstate at Frankfurt onto IL 37.


One hour and 7 miles later we re-entered the highway at Benton, then drove without incident for 22 miles to Mt. Vernon before we called it a day. (Our original goal was Effingham, 60 miles further, but 3 hours sooner.)


While we were stuck, we called this place and were told that we would be welcome.  It is a nice little park, easily accessed  just off the highway.


It has 6 back-in sites and 42 large full-thrus—all full hookup, an office/meeting room, playground, propane, laundry, four cabins, and a nice pond.



The sites are gravel, and pretty level (as were the sites at Tom Sawyer’s last night).


It’s a good thing that we put in extra miles yesterday.  Today’s total journey—254 miles in the 8 1/2 we were on the road.

O well, it could have been worse!

Louise and Duane

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