Thursday, July 13, 2017

Gee It’s Good

We made it to Ohio, and settled into our rv site before lunch.  Campgrounds in general are few and far between in the central Ohio, and rv parks in particular are hard to find.  Duane found Ottawa Metro Park on the west edge of Lima on an obscure website called RV Parky.  He doesn’t use it often because he got into the habit of using Good Sam’s and Passport America.  He was unable to find anything close to this area, so he turned to RV Parky and found this wonderful little gem of a park within a couple of miles of where we want to be.


We are here in Lima to remember my sister-in-law Paula.  My brother Ed (below) and she were married for 60 years.  During that time they raised five children in Lima and in Bloomington/Normal, IL, and scratched their itch to travel.  Paula was ill for several years before she passed away on Thanksgiving Day last year.  Ed and the kids had their own memorial service in IL  Now they have brought her ashes home to Ohio for a funeral service and burial with her parents. 

Today we arrived before the family in time to set up, eat lunch and do laundry.  Brother Ed, my oldest sibling (I am the youngest of 7), drove from his hotel to see out house.  We visited with him for an hour while we waited for more kids to arrive. 


We spent the evening visiting with four of my five nieces and nephews, eating burgers and fries at a local landmark restaurant called Kewpee.  The restaurant is decorated with Kewpie dolls and is know as the inspiration for Wendy’s. 


After chowing down we all met back at their hotel to visit in the lobby.  Three of the kids and their families drove from IL, one from VA.  The fifth flew from Oregon and was driving from Cincinnati Airport. Two of the wives and three of the children were unable to come, but the rest of the family was there.   I was so busy chatting with everyone that I didn’t think to take any pix after this one! 

Next, more family.

Louise and Duane

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