Monday, July 17, 2017


Welcome to central Ohio, the land of soybeans,


corn, and lush, soft, green grass.


This summer is is also the land of way too much rain.


We took a little bike ride around this area, riding state roads 81, 235, and 117.  The ride was uneventful, the roads flat and, for the most part, straight and very much the norm for the whole middle of Ohio.  When we were growing up, the farms around here usually consisted of a Federalist style house of brick


or wood, several out buildings, and a variety of animals.  The large farms now mostly consist of a smaller more modern house, and large fields of corn, soybeans, wheat, or corn, depending on the time of year.  Usually only dairy or hog farms have a lot of buildings.  As usually happens a lot of the smaller family farms have been divided unto small lots so that suburban people can have their house and 5-10 acres in the country.

The Federalist houses basically look like two saltine boxes on top of each other with a chimney at each short end.  A lot of them have wings built on at right angles.


Our ride took us through the nice little town of Ada, home of Ohio Northern University, and through the small towns of Alger and Roundhead, before we ended up at I75.


We took the Interstate south 7 miles to check out the HD store.


Inside we browsed around and bought nothing.  We played our usual game of which one do you like best.  My picks are this vintage motorbike,


and for some reason, this Sportster. 


Duane picked out this flashy Road King


and this flashy Ultra Classic.


With our mental purchases complete, we walked out empty-handed and hopped the bike for home.

Tomorrow we move to Troy.

Louise and Duane

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