Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tomorrow For Sure

I needed another day to recover from my food allergy, and that left Duane free to play pickleball this morning.  This afternoon we decided to get the laundry done so that we can we can have the next couple of days to ride the bike.  This laundry is thoroughly modern.  It has the usual banks of differently sized washers,


and folding tables, all well maintained and very clean.

What it doesn't have is any coins.  You decide how much you will spend on your laundry, put the money in one of the two machines on the left, and it spits out a card with that amount on it, in $1 increments.  The card is all that the machines accept.  

We don't like these cards because, as travelers, we will never use them again.  That means that we always lose whatever dollars we have left on them.  

Not everything computerized is a good thing.

Louise and Duane

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