Friday, June 17, 2016

We stopped in Sturgis (SD) to say that we'd been there and to visit the Motorcycle Museum.  This is a small but very nicely done museum.

Mural around the corner from the front door.

All brands of bikes are featured.  Here are a few.

I'm impressed by this luxurious looking sidecar and the one below..  

I don't know bikes but I had to include this one.  It bears my favorite color and my lucky number.

Remember that old ad line--"You meet the nicest people on a Honda"?

Downstairs were archived a lot of memorabilia.  This display gave a nod to women bikers.

What's so special about this?  It is made entirely of wood and glue,

as is this one.

Black Hills biker humor.  The title is The Wheels of Democracy.

I think that Jefferson looks more like John Lennon, but that's just me.

Tomorrow we go to Wyoming.

Louise and Duane

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