Friday, June 24, 2016

Around The Block

The Lazy R Campground that is our parking place this week is actually located inside the Ranchester town limits.   We are 1/2 block from the restaurant which is next door to the tiny laundromat.

We ate supper here Wednesday.

Today was chore day.  Our day started here at the laundry.  We could have carried the wash but by 10 am it was too hot.

After lunch Duane took the truck to Sheridan to get the oil changed and to fill a propane tank.  The tank was no problem but Duane was told by 4 places that he needed an appointment for an oil change.  Back home he noticed something dripping from the truck.  We decided that it was diesel fuel but he was unable to find the leak.  Monday am the truck is going to be fixed.

After supper we strolled to the little Conner Battle site State Park at the edge of town (two blocks east, two blocks south.)  The park is encircled by the Tongue River.  It comes in from the south,

past the swimmin' hole.

That white dot in the river is swimmer just off the rope.

It circles east

under the footbridge,

straight for about 1/4 mile,

then flows south past the camping area.  

This is a pretty little park (about 2 acres), quiet, great views of the Big Horns.  Rv dry camping is on the north side along the river, tent camping along the east.

The rest is day use area--large green space for games, picnic areas, 

small play area with slide, swings, and things to climb.

Buffalo or Mastadon?  After a bit of thought I decided this climbable sculpture is a buffalo.  (It looks like rock but is molded plastic.)

Across the road to the west are several llamas.  One posed for me.

The town has a healthy population of very large trees.  I liked the twisted trunks of this willow.

 View of the Big Horns to the west

There don't seem to be any restrictions for homeowners.  Several of the houses along this street are very junky.  This one neatly placed a seating area out front at the street and a play area to the side.  It made me wonder what was in the back behind the fence.

All in all this is not a bad little campground.  It is quiet--no street noise, we rarely see any neighbors.  Periodically a train will come through, but be gone within a minute or two.  

Tomorrow will be cooler.  A bike ride is in order.

Montana, anyone?

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We have been in many areas of the country that have no zoning laws. Actually, Houston is like that. There will be a gas station next to condos next to a zoo next to a Walmart. Crazy.