Sunday, June 19, 2016

Spearfish Canyon

For our last big ride in the Black Hills of South Dakota we rode about 150 miles.  Starting in Custer we took US 385 north through Deadwood, continued north on US 85, then west on an access road (paralleling I90) into the town of Spearfish.  We picked the first food place that we found open for lunch.  US 14A took us south to US 85 south and west into Wyoming.  At Newcastle we picked up US 16 back to Custer.

Outside Deadwood 

For the fist 22 miles of US 14A we rode through the beautiful Spearfish Canyon.  The canyon was formed by volcanic upthrust and erosion by the Spearfish River.  The 1000' walls are a marvel of spruce and pine and weathered stone.  As we rode south we rose 2000' in elevation.

Slingshot front

and rear

Bridal Veil Falls flow into 

Spearfish Creek, reduced in water volume from the original river.

We took a break at the Buckhorn Saloon in Wyoming.

Wide sweeping curves

and short ones

(This one and the one above I shot over my shoulder.  Not bad!) 

At the restaurant restroom in Spearfish this was a first for me--just wave at the pot and it flushes!

We have one more day left of our three weeks in this area.

Check in to see where we go tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

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