Friday, June 24, 2016

Big Horn Mountains

A meandering road took us to the foot of the mountains, then the only way to go was up.

Interesting geologic formation

Half-way up

The valley floor and the snaky road up. The town of Dayton is in the trees as is the Tongue River.

Finally at the top.

The Tongue River.  Up here it is a trout stream.

Our route.  We are taking the US 310 cutoff at Lovell to Greybull then back to Burgess Junction.  Lovell, Greybull, and Shell are all on the valley floor. 

Brock and Leola adding a layer.  Yes, that white patch is snow.

White snow, green grass, red truck, yellow flowers.

More of the snow patches that we viewed from below Tues. before we arrived at Ranchester, WY.

Our high point of the day.

Down again

Big Horn River at the bottom of the mountain.  It was hot here--in the upper 90's.  You can bet the extra layers came off before we reached the bottom.

Stopped for a picnic and to cool off just outside Lovell.  We did not visit the Mustang preserve, but enjoyed learning about the horses.

US 310 between Lovell and Greybull.

A stop for fuel and a drink then left  in Greybull to go back to the mountains.

Beautiful canyon views 

Finally up top again.  No extra layers this time.  After the hot valley floor this mountain top valley felt wonderfully cool.  There is actually a deer at the left by the road.  It is one of two we saw, the only wildlife we found except for something Brock saw that he thinks was maybe possibly a moose.

One more stop for a cool drink then time to head back down, across the valley and home.

Another hot day is predicted for tomorrow.  

Wonder what we'll do next?  Come back and find out.

Louise and Duane

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where's weaver said...

The vistas are beautiful from the top of that mountain. What a beautiful ride.