Sunday, June 12, 2016

Buffalo Hunt

Because rain was forecast for today, we decided to take a short ride close to home.  We settled on our favorite wildlife and biking loop--US 16 east of Custer (s w SD)to US 385 south to SD 87 through part of Wind Cave National Park and part of Custer State Park, then back west on US 16.  Our goal was buffalo since we had seen none on our last trip.

We found a few close to the road.

We also saw a a few antelope,

a deer or two,

and my favorites.  Prairie dogs are actually ground squirrels.  Pioneers thought that their warning signals sounded like dogs barking.

We also saw not so wild geese and

two rabbits.  

We also like this loop because of the wonderful ride up and down hills 

through squiggly tight turns,

and long sweeping curves.

We never tire of the views at 5,000+ feet above sea level.

We saw three of these old Humvees.  We think they are used for a tourist tour.

We scooted up the hill and were back home again 

Tomorrow more rain is forecast.  Our touring is now on a wait and see basis, but I'm sure we'll find something interesting to do.

Louise and Duane

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where's weaver said...

What a fun ride. We love seeing all the habitat in their natural surroundings. Great shots of the wildlife.