Wednesday, June 01, 2016

New State

Duane and I have often talked "exit strategy" where we try to decide where to land when we can't travel anymore.  Our problem is that we always really like where we are at the moment.  We loved the high plains where people plopped themselves in the middle of nowhere.  

One thing I failed to capture with a still shot is the way the grass/wheat rippling in the wind looked just like waves on the ocean and the soughing of the wind.

About the time we are thinking of wide open places we see mountains and think "This is a place I could live."  Well, you see how it goes;  we keep traveling.

Our first view of the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Don't know for sure, but think they are called black is because the density of evergreen trees gives them that color.  They are really mountains, but maybe not compared to the Rockies.

Our home for the next two weeks is this rv/horse park.

This nice little park sits at an altitude of 5580'.  It consists of one public building which houses the office, gift shop, lending dvd library, and  new 4w4d laundry.

Spaces for rent include about 50 large pull-thru  full hookup 50 amp,graveled rv sites,  

several cabins,

a tenting area and a bunkhouse.  There are 100 covered horse stalls in several barns. 

Someone was a chainsaw artist

There is no road noise, just an occasional pickup passing.  Did I mention the great views?

Today (Wed) drove 4 miles and 500' down to the town of Custer.

Custer is a nice little town 5 streets (and 3 alleys) wide with a main street about 2 miles long in a shallow valley between two ridges.  The downtown is a nice mix of old and new buildings, tourist attractions/eating places and regular places of business. 

A stop at the Visitors' Center introduced us to a very welcoming and knowledgeable lady who was able to answer all of our questions.

Sorry about the glare, but I had to get this pix of General Custer.  Look closely in the box at the little plastic figure--on the motorcycle!!

The town had a buffalo art contest for their Custer Stampede festival.  This one of Custer stands outside the Visitors' Center.

Here are a couple that I thought interesting.

This tableaux shows one of the old buildings.  Once a bank, it is now a coffee cafe.  Outside stand a buffalo and a man on horseback.  Real? or not?*

We spent the rest of the day doing chores.  When our friends and riding companions, Brock and Leola arrived we spent the evening visiting and making plans for the next two weeks.

First up--Mount Rushmore.

Louise and Duane

*Both are real--plastic.

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Hey...we stayed at that campground. We loved it there. We love the Black
I made Paul drive all over looking at that dang buffalo art.