Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Good News!  The truck is not only fixed, but runs better than it has since we've had it.  We managed to leave only a couple of hours later than we had originally intended.  I90 took us north out of Wyoming, then west through Montana.  Slow, sweeping curves led us up and down as we traveled through several small mountain ranges. 

The scenery changed constantly from pastures and plowed fields to hills covered in trees, shrubs or rocks.

We're not sure which mountains these are, but they are tall enough for snow in late June.

The Yellowstone River meandered along with us, changing sides of the road, disappearing, reappearing.  This pic shows the three ways the West was opened--river, game/Indian path (later roads) and the railroad.

What are those big round orange things on that truck--wings or eyes?

About five hours and 300 miles after we left we caught up with Brock and Leola dry camping at a Pilot truck stop where I90 meets US 287.  Tomorrow we will all be heading north on 287 before turning back west.

Neighbors again

The orange things above are the long tines of a hay rake.  There are six of them all folded in on each other so that only two are showing..
Travelin' on,

Louise and Duane

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where's weaver said...

Glad to read the truck is working super. Gorgeous country you are in.