Monday, June 13, 2016

Good News!

Weather and packing kept us all home today.  The skies delivered some very loud and bright thunderstorms last night and promised more today.  Tomorrow is moving day.  We are moving from the Broken Arrow RV Park and Horse Camp up the hill four miles east of Custer, SD to the Big Pine Campground down in the valley and three miles east of Custer.   We will be there for one week.

This morning Duane and I made a trip to the post office and took some time to walk around the center of town.  We joined the tourists wandering in and out of shops, ogling at all the stuff for sale.

We took more pix of the painted buffaloes scattered around town.  These were painted for a contest during a Custer festival.  You can find all things buffalo in this area from living ones to 1/2 sized painted ones to burgers and steaks.

If you click on any pic you can enlarge it to see more detail.  This one has three buffalo across the bottom and sky across the top.  Between them is an Indian with a flowing headdress on a horse.

Plain brown?  Nope, there is some detail on his rump. (You can see this one outside the coffee house pictured below.)

There are a number of old buildings in town but no historical information about them except this one.  This log house is across the street from and part of the Courthouse Museum.  It is believed to be the oldest existing structure in the Black Hills.  It is furnished as a typical pioneer home in the Black Hills.  Adjacent to this is a nice little park.

This is the home of the Custer's first continuously operating newspaper.  

 This one used to be a bank in 1881.  Now it is a cafe and coffee house.  Today I noticed that they sell ice cream.  I asked them what kind and......Good News!  It's not  Blue Bunny!!  I'm getting some before we leave here!

Among the many eateries in town, we've tried two.    Known locally as the Cowboy Cafe, this was a regular sit down restaurant.  I had a very good buffalo burger here.

This was next to the 1881 Courthouse Museum.  Pretty good.

Very informal  Put in your order, find a seat at a picnic table.   

Before I close I'll ask this question:  What five letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters?  If you can't think of the answer in a minute or two, then you'll have to say that of all the things you've lost, you miss your mind the most!

Louise and Duane

The word is short.

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I loved taking photos of those buffaloes. Some people are just so talented.

We really enjoyed touring the town also. Thank goodness they have enough sense NOT to have Blue Bunny ice cream...hehe

What mind?