Sunday, May 01, 2016

Sunday Doin's

This morning we attended service at King's Trail Cowboy Church.  Duane Jr. led the service and preached a fine sermon on forgiveness and redemption.  Since the family had something to do this afternoon,  we took ourselves out to a place Brandey recommended called The Rib Crib for a bbq rib dinner,  took care of a few errands, then took a bike ride in the country in perfectly beautiful weather.  To test the speed and accuracy of my new camera I took some pix of the different types of homes and properties in a one mile section of the street (both sides)

We ended up in the village of Westminster.  There are two biker accessory stores, and a bar.

We liked these two decked out Indian bikes.  This one had feathers on the gas tank and war clubs on the rear.  It also had a bull whip on the other saddlebag.

This one had steer horns for passenger foot pegs.

The bar (in front of the red truck) next to the bank (black building) across the street,

the rest of the town

There was one other street with a few buildings and a house or two.  Most of the residents lived outside the town.

In the evening while Duane visited with the rest of the family, I helped the girls make some jewelry using beads and findings from my stash. They each made a necklace and a pair of earrings.  Emma made an extra pair of earrings.

Emma's design

Bell earrings too

Ava made a pair using different charms

After they showed off their creations and we all ate some cookies and cream ice cream, Duane and I ended our ten day visit by collecting hugs and kisses from everyone before we headed home.

Tomorrow is moving day. Stop in again to see where we're going next.

Louise and Duane

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