Monday, May 02, 2016

Lake Texoma

Poor Duane had an arduous day of driving--35 miles in 45 minutes--to reach our next stop.  Lake Texoma, a Thousand Trails park just outside Gordonville,  welcomed us to the Texas side of the lake.

We grabbed one of the few pull-thrus.  30 amp is good enough for us.

To the right of our site the road continues past the adults only recreation area and ends at the lakeside.

Directly across the road is the fishing pond and

several of these spacious cabins.

The road to the left goes back to the main road.  Across it is the family recreation area.  The family activities building features

 a covered patio painted with lines for two pickleball courts.

Inside are the children's play area, cafeteria, tv area and

pay to play pool tables.

To the left of the building are the playground, family pool,

family pool,

basketball court, a sand volleyball pit which I missed,

and Putt-Putt golf.

To the right of the building are horseshoe pits,

and shuffleboard courts which are in very bad need of repainting and resurfacing.

Bear cubs and hornets nest

The roads within the park are easy to navigate curvy and hard to follow on the map.

We returned to our rig and took the road to the right.  The adults only (18 and older) is just as nice as the family area, but smaller.

Behind the pool and bath house is the activity center.  The porch runs on three sides for wonderful outdoor sitting.


part of the library and the puzzle table.  Behind this room is the workout room and the laundry.

We continued walking on the road until we reached the lake.  Lake Texoma was made by damming the Red River, where it forms the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma.  The river  continues to the right just in front of that line of trees.  Looking left of this spot 

you can see Oklahoma across the lake.  Continuing left

is the beach, slightly under water.  Recent heavy rains have made the lake muddy and uninviting.  At the far right is where the river comes in.  The beach and boat ramp are located in a cove.  We continued walking along the shore around the curve

to the boat ramp.  The restroom needed a bit of work.

The day was cool with a chilly wind and very little sun popping out of the clouds,  A good day for walking.

Hmmm.  What are we going to do tomorrow?

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Sorry to hear it was a terrible drive. The park looks really nice. I do like the idea of an adults only section.