Monday, May 23, 2016

Another Day, Another State....

or two.  West we went past Kanorado, (I think we should have gone there just to say we did) and into Colorado.  Duane had been to all of the western states on visits with his Grandma, but this was my first time.

If anyone is wondering, the figure on the dash is Old Crow.  In fall she is replaced by Scarecrow, and in winter by Snowy the Snowman.  FYI just in case you need to know what is the season.

In Colorado we went west for about 15 mi, then turned north for 150.    Eventually we ran out of Colorado and ran smack into Nebraska.  Can you guess  by the scenery where we are at this point?  Hint:  either Colorado or Nebraska.  The terrain alternated between  hills and flat fields all day.  We are in Colorado here.   Looks just like Kansas. 

We only went a few miles into Nebraska before we turned west for 50 miles.  Our new home for the next 2 1/2 days is the Cabella's rv park in Sidney, Nebraska.  The park is just a sleeping place--no amenities except for a horse corral/exercise area.   It is a bit pricey at $30 a night with hefty taxes.  Even with our Good Sam's discount the bill came to $93.  It is a nice park with gravel roads, level gravel sites with nice wide grassy areas between neighbors.  It is just off I80 but road noise is minimal.  We picked it because there are a few things around here we want to see.  We are hoping the weather behaves itself.  We have plans to ride the bike in Colorado and Nebraska!

Hope your day went as smoothly as our.

Louise and Duane

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