Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Moved Again

Hurray!  Another seamless moving day!  We arrived at our home for the next three days, Cedar Valley RV Park, with no incidents under a flawless blue sky and rising temps.  We arrived late enough (just before lunch) and it was hot enough (upper 80's) to discourage me from doing anything outside.  Duane, however, usually won't say no to a bike ride.  He rode 35 miles to the local HD dealership.  I told him to text me a pic if he saw a Tshirt he liked.

This park gives  Passport America (1 day) and Good Sam's discounts.  We chose it not because of its proximity to four championship golf courses, but because it is on the outskirts of Guthrie, OK, an area which we haven't yet explored.  We have four places mapped out to visit in downtown Guthrie tomorrow, and two possibles several miles from here if weather permits on Thursday.

Meanwhile I will give you the answer to yesterday's mystery.  You will recall that the Colonel was found stabbed in the neck in the study.

The murderer is the maid, Sophie.  She claims to have opened the door to the study, seen the Colonel, then slammed the door shut and started screaming.  But both the butler and the cook attest that the study was dark, and that the corpse didn't become visible until after the light was turned on.  If Sophie didn't enter the room, she couldn't have turned the light off, so it must have been too dark to see anything in there.  She knew the body was there because she killed the Colonel, unable to bear any more of his abuse.

Now, see.  That wasn't too hard.  I'll bet you already knew the answer.

Hope you stop back again.

Louise and Duane

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