Saturday, August 12, 2017

Traditionally Contemporary

A beautiful afternoon made for a beautiful start to our niece Tiffany’s new life.  She and her husband Pat are members of this traditionally Christian church with  contemporary interdenominational spiritual services.  On the far right is a nice outdoor seating area.  Inside the doors to the right are tables and chairs, at a right angle to the left is a coffee bar and spiritual reading materials. The rest of the building is a large open area where the wedding took place.


The ceremony was joyous.  The groom is a Star Wars fan so the groomsmen marched in to the Storm Troopers fanfare.  Tiffany had her own music, but the wedding party walked out to the Star Wars movie theme.

Dad and daughter


Wedding vows given and received with joy.


Of course!!!!


First dance


Our daughter Stacy and her partner followed us home for the evening.  We found some pretty good pizza for supper in Delaware in this Italian  restaurant,


then stretched out for a leisurely chat before bed.

L to r Ruth Ann, 9daughter) Stacy, and that creepy guy again!!!


After breakfast tomorrow, the girls will be heading home and we plan to take our bike ride.

Will we actually do it?  Come back and see!

Louise and Duane

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