Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Passing Through

In previous years we have spent many months here at Deming, NM, but this time we allowed only a couple of days. 

Creepy guy again!!!


Dream Catcher is long and narrow with only one building (those window are in the office),


and a nice big dog park.


Inside the building, looking from the opposite end from the picture above, are a large dining/common room.  The near open door leads to restrooms/showers, then the kitchen and laundry.  The far open door leads to


a smaller common room with tv seating.  Along the right hand wall are doors to the craft room and pool room and the library is in the corner.  Next to the library is the office.


There is always plenty of room here, even when high winds force people off the highway. 

This view is taken from outside the large common room toward the back of the park.  Our rig is second from the left .  We are not at the very back.


The sites are very spacious and level.


View to the right of the truck.


The roads are wide and graveled with plenty of room to maneuver big rigs.

Today Duane went on a bike ride with a fellow biker we met last time we were here.  I stayed home and read a book without having to do anything else.  Tomorrow we will be meeting more friends for lunch and pickleball, which has come to Deming at last.

Louise and Duane

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where's weaver said...

We by passed Deming. It was just too cold!