Thursday, January 26, 2017

A day in the desert Apache Tear hunting

While Louise and Barb went out for a girls lunch out, Gene and I went with 2 fellows from the park to hunt for Apache tears. The rocks are black and polish to a high shine.

The first thing we saw were 4 wild burros. There are a lot of these animals roaming wild in Arizona that were turned lose by miners years ago.


Gene strolling and looking.IMG_7513

Can you see it?  The black speck just below center and a little right. When the sin hits them they shine.


This is my find for the day. Notice the very top one? That one has been tumbled to a shine. When we get back to Texas we will hook up the tumblers and polish all of them.


Gene’s find for the day.


We really appreciate Rick from the park for showing us where to find them and what to look for. It takes a little time to learn how to spot them in the raw. Most of them shine when the sun hits them just right. When you go pick them up you have make sure your shadow does not go over them because you can’t see if it does.

Tomorrow I will turning the blog back over to Louise.

Till next time

Duane and Louise


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Good job, Duane. I have never heard of Apache tears. If that was Gene's first time out, he did a great job.

Paul Weaver said...

Reminds me of looking for shark's teeth at the beach. Haven't done that for years and years!