Sunday, January 08, 2017


On this beautiful (warmer) day, we actually spent a lot of time outside.  This morning Gene and Barbara, Duane and I walked around the rv park looking for the putting green.  We found it and the shuffleboard court in pretty good condition.  We played a game of shuffleboard just to spend time outside enjoying the wonderful weather.   After lunch the older folk had to have a rest from their labors.  Duane worked on a walking stick that he’s making for Gene.  I made apple pie from the Granny Smiths that Gene and Barbara brought from their tree in Ohio.  In the afternoon the Ohio folks got a pickleball lesson, then went home to rest again.  Duane and I played four games of pickleball with Judy and Cliff who had been gone all day and showed up needing some exercise.

That’s about it; the day was beautiful and we took advantage of it. 

Supposed to rain tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

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