Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Quite A Ride!

About 9:30 Tuesday morning we let the Eagle soar east on I 10 then north on loop 303.  For an hour and a half we flew around the Phoenix metro area.  The area wasn’t scenic by any stretch of the imagination.  The air was chilly, augmented by increasing clouds that hid whatever warmth we might have had from the sun.  We managed to take our minds off the cold by watching the maneuvers of fighter jets from the nearby airport.  The jets are those black dots in the sky.


The purpose of our ride was to meet with our friends Brock and Leola who had an interesting day trip planned for us.  We met them at a parking lot just a few miles from their rv park north of Phoenix.  They took the lead heading east on the Carefree Highway to the artsy tourist town of Cave Creek.







petrified wood


First stop, this eclectic restaurant for a delicious lunch.


The restaurant, which bills itself as the “oldest originally owned” restaurant in Cave Creek—established in 1976, occupied this corner with a central area and two wings.  To the right of the group is a dog friendly patio eating area.


When we arrived about noon the place was pretty much empty.  By the time our lunch arrived, it had started to fill up.


After good food and good conversation, we took off on the second part of our day trip, along the Carefree Highway north of Scottsdale,


then picked up the Great Western Trail through the Tonto National Forest.



After a short ride through gently rolling hills we arrived at our next stop—the Sears-Kay ancient Native American village ruins.


Our ride took all day so I have divided it into several parts.  Join us tomorrow for further adventure.

Louise and Duane

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