Wednesday, February 01, 2017

A Better Day

Today we spent with our Deming friends Ben and Barb Staff.


First they took us to one of their favorite lunch spots.


It’s actually a sports bar and has lots of seating. Barb explained that it filled up in the evening.


Yesterday, part of the reason for me not going on the bike ride was that the night before I ate some bad Chinese food and needed yesterday to recuperate.  Today I was able to enjoy my lunch.  I usually don’t take pictures of food, but I couldn’t believe the pile of bacon on my blt! (That’s half a sandwich in the pic.)


After lunch Ben and Barb took us to their “ranchette” in the desert outside town.  We past groves of pecan trees


and several plowed fields waiting for planting with hay and produce.


Their ranchette is big enough for their motorhome and three sheds and has space for their one bedroom/one bath house which is in the planning stages.  They are dedicated rockhounds and have his and hers rock sheds (on the right) and more rocks and other stuff in the big shed.  They showed us their black and white chalcedony.  I was too busy ogling it to remember to take any pictures!


After a bit we had to leave to play pickleball in the Methodist Church gym in town.  We enjoyed several games with the regulars before we had to leave the gym for the next group.  Back home Duane was loading the bike with the ramp at too steep an angle.  It tipped and he strained his right arm from elbow to shoulder.  No more pickleball for a while and maybe no bike riding either.  He was able to drive to the Walmart, so maybe he will be able to drive our rig to Texas tomorrow.  We’ll see.

Meanwhile we will enjoy the view of the Florida (Floreeda) Mountains in the day and


at sunset.



Moving again tomorrow—maybe.

Louise and Duane

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Paul Weaver said...

I guess it's better to wreck going up the ramp than down some curvy mountain road....although no wreck is good! Hope you heal up quickly. Couple long driving days ahead through Texas.