Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Break Time

Nothing doing today. The weather was warm, but with intermittent showers, a good day to stay inside.   Duane sorted our finances and filed our tax return. I read a book.  To give the family a break we went to play pickleball  from 7-10pm.  There was a Mardi Gras theme this evening.  Strings of beads were hung at one of each net.  If you won a game, you took a string as your prize.  Halfway through everyone took a break and chose a piece of Mardi Gras cake.  The person who picked the piece with the (little 1/2” plastic) baby got to start each game with a two point handicap. This was the same group we played with Saturday morning (see Goofin’ blog).  They do a good job of circulating all the players and trying to make the play fun. (Of course, I took the camera intending to take some pix of the festivities, but forgot to take any!) This was our last chance to play for a while.  The wedding and all the attendant activities will be taking our time for the next week or more.

Later, gator,

Louise and Duane

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